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Colleges in Nagaland

College life starts after completing secondary level of education. Colleges are the places of learning from where life begins. Students normally complete teen age and turns 18 years of age during first year or second year of college.  College education becomes a mix of activities with a complete change in lifestyle. This is the stage from where most constitutions of the world recognize human children as citizens and not merely kids or teens under parents’ care. After 18 years of age pupils allowed to get a driving license and become eligible to vote.

College is the platform from where pupils chose their career field to serve different sections of society. Even Bill Gates chosen though he preferred staying more in the hostel and attending less classes. Don’t laugh you have to attend college’s classroom. To facilitate students in finding a college of their choice in Nagaland National Network of Education (NNE) have collected brief details about colleges in Nagaland.

For more details please click below on the college type of your choice.

  1. Computer Institutes

  2. Engineering Colleges

  3. Law Colleges
  4. Hotel Management Colleges

  5. Research Institutes

  6. Polytechnic Institutes

  7. Theological Colleges